The Realsearch group envisions a future where trustworthy software-intensive systems improve the quality of people's lives. These systems will be created by a diverse community of software engineers that will employ methodologies based upon sound scientific research that is disseminated through freely-available, open resources. We envision software developers and researchers partnering to improve the capability of the software industry to efficiently produce trustworthy systems.

Akond Rahman's paper titled "The Seven Sins: Security Smells in Infrastructure as Code Scripts", co-authored with Drs. Christopher Parnin and Laurie Williams wins Distinguished Paper Award at the 41st ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2019).

Posted May 2019

Nasif Imtiaz's poster titled "A Synopsis of Static Analysis Alerts On Open Source Software" wins Best Poster Award at HoTSoS 2019.

Posted April 2019

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